My Operation Was A Success,i Will Be A Girl

Hi everyone
Thursday afternoon I had my operation and things went fast, smoothly and well,.
My testicles are no longer part of my body, I have no desire to be male
and can't wait for the next step in becoming a girl.

I have pain and knowing it will only get lighter as time goes by,
thank you all very much

RobinneeTerry1999 RobinneeTerry1999 18-21, F 22 Responses Jul 27, 2012

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I'm happy for you. It is wonderful and amazing that today you can be who you truly are. Best wishes.

i hope everything went well - so wonderful to see your story

the pain only lasts a few days, but the benefits of being rid of those thjngs lasts a lifetime.


My retirement gift to myself was my orchy.Its been 3 years since those horrid things were removed. Life is much better. Huggzz Jean Marie

Congratulations sweetie, at 61 I no longer have dreams of reassignment surgery, but I would like to lose my testicles. They are of no use to me and if I ever get on hormones, they would only interfere.

Again, congratulations you beautiful thing

Erika, you are truly a pioneer, for me and everyone who follows us. Wishing we were younger can serve useful purpose. I wish I could afford to pay for your surgery though

I am one hundred million miles happy for you? I hope you decide that this is the day to actually celebrate your birthday. You've been reborn!!!

Congratulations, it is another giant step in your transition and rather significant one too. You must feel really great now that you are well along the way to become the woman that you truly are

Congratulations robin, almost a month past now, so you should be feeling really great. Please let me know how you are feeling now

Wow! Congratulations! It seems like a journey, but it sounds like you know where you want to go. I have been living as a girl for most of my life and will probably face those decisions pretty soon myself. How long did you think about it before you actually set about changing your gender?

congrats! I hope you have a great life as a woman. I know I speak for SOME of us when I say, it should have been possible thirty years ago! I'd rather have done it about 50 years ago!

I totally agree with you. Things were so much different 50 years ago when I accepted that I was different

I am so happy that it turned out good for you.

Hey good luck and congrats it's better 2 b happy ;)

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Congrats!!!! Everyone deserves happiness in who they want to be. I wish you the best of luck!!

Please join "Tales of Lady Beverly, Laura, Robin and Kristen" and Tales of Miss Janice, Miss Penny, and Miss Harley" Could you add me as a friend please.

Am happy that everything went well with you..Being a Girl is the most sweetest thing on earth. At first it wont be easy but nothing is permanent things will be ok.

life seems like am egg and treasure island ofwhich everyone have to be very neticlous or u miss it. THANKS

Congratulations I hope and pray for nothing but a life time of happiness for you hun!!!! :)

Greatttt, go on dude.. Wish u luck >:D<

Awesome. Its always great to see good, strong people become more of themselves. Congrats. Not every person has the courage to accept who they truly are. Clearly you do. =)

Thats very lovely Robin. Thank you so much for the update. Now you can live your life as pretty girl from here forward. Thats so nice you took the bold step to be rid of your old boy parts. Let us all know how your progressing from here. We all love you so much and we are glad to have helped you with this very tough decision.

Congratulations on taking the next step towards your goal of becomin a complete girl. Show your femininity boldly and with pride. I salute you and wish you much happiness in the future.

I completely agree with Billy.Congratulation