Schooling Updates

This summer I have been busy making everyones education a top priority

I have it now officially arranged that Laura, Robin, and Kristen can be
home schooled together.
this means the 3 are taught together ,with no other student, in a home
and they have no dress codes.

I also have a private school which is willing to accept the special sisters
as students dressed as girls providing they follow a proper female dress
code/ nothing raunchy or tastsless

The special sisters will be placed in classed with girls only!

LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 3 Responses Aug 18, 2012

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Please may go to your school

Great news, so good that you have achieved so much. I hope funding for such education does not become an issue which may bring it to an end. Best of luck girls

This is fantastic for all of them. At least they are going to get the much needed education they are entitled too. The special sisters and the original three should use this and become leaders for other children (boys) who seek the same - to me they are heroes in their own right.