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I know this is for boys, but although I am female I wanted to join so I can express my support.  I have been raising my son somewhat gender neutral and want to push him toward the feminine side somewhat more.

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good no you, he will make his own decision in time and won't forget the loving mother who gave him the choice

That's disturbing . But gives insight into what's happening to the men in the society

You're an awesome mom! I'm a chick too but I joined tihs group so I don't think there's anything wrong with that. ;P

I caught my friend's son Matt wearing one of my one-piece swimsuits first I was a little weirded out, and didn't want him wearing them, but then I changed my mind when I saw how cute he looked in them.

I bought him some of his own so he wouldn't steal mine. Now he wears one-piece swimsuits all the time! ;)

So cool of you to come around to understanding and helping! how old is he?

My Toby is nearly 13 now. He has a girlfriend & I am pretty sure they are having sex. Toby's big worry is will she be accepting when she finds how much he likes to express his feminine side. He is entering puberty now and I thought that would diminish his girly desires but I have not seen any indication of that. In fact he recently got me to help him shave his legs.

Well, I'll say that he's still preadolescent (not wanting to disclose his exact age for privacy reasons, ofc)

That's great about you helping your son bring his feminine side out. If he can find a girl who excepts that part of him, she's a keeper for sure ;)

So far, i havent seen many signs of Matt wanting a girlfriend as of yet but I'm pretty sure he likes girls. I have seen him watching me and some of the girls at the gym, but that may also stem from his liking leotards and swimsuits ;)

Oh really? That's awesome!
It's always good to hear about mothers who support their childrens' expression of heir true identities.

So what did you do that had to do with aballet?

That's great! Did you dance as a boy or as a girl, if you don't mind my asking?

In my eperience moms are psychic about anything you dont want them to know about, pretty impressive that she never knew you were a ballerin !

Oh! so she was willing to let you try for it? Did you?

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I think you are a wonderful mother!!! I would definitely encourage that he try some panty play. Maybe some very nice silky soft pink nylon bikini panties. Good Luck and keep us informed on his progress!!!

Do you think maybe you could add me and we could talk


good for you!! would you please add me so that i can follow your stories?

I added you.

If you want him to choose his own path why are you saying you are pushing him towards the feminine side. That's cruel. Letting your son choose his own gender isn't giving him only dresses to wear.And let him be so fine with what he wants you can ask him and let him answer WHAT HE WANTS

He is certainly going to choose his own path. I simply meant I will guide him to understand and accept the feminine side most boys have but often are not comfortable with allowing it to come thru.

But keep him with the male side of things too

That is what I am hoping for. I think he will develop his male side with little guidance from me, but to be comfortable with his developing feminine side will take a bit of help from me.

your son is very lucky to have a mom like you.

What makes need, especially now more than ever, is to be guided towards masculinity.

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