Update Part 1

Sorry, I've been slow to report to everyone in a group post for a while
if you've heard this information in private mail from me I'm sorry.

I was able to find part time work for Janice and Harley, they are in a
department store [ not a major store or chain]
They have 2 jobs that they either do seperately or together , depending on
the demand at the time.

They are in charge of sales in the BOYS DRESS DEPARTMENT, and they are
taking photograghs , in the portrait studio.

I am told they are training in each field and doing a great job,
they even are permitted to use the photo equipment to photogragh special sisters if they like

I know I'd like them to do that.
LadyBeverly LadyBeverly 18-21, F 6 Responses Sep 11, 2012

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How exciting!!!

thanks for updating us. could you please add me

Thanks for the update, I think it's good for them to have those jobs, I hope they are doing well

Thanks for the update.<br />
I am glad they are doing well.<br />
I wish them well on their journey through life.

Great and maybe they could get boys to model the dresses and skirts so moms can get an idea of what their sons would look like in them, plus take pics for the moms.

Glad to hear they are doing good