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Thank You And Greetings

Thank you for forming this group and for joining this group.

My name is Penny, I do wish to see more boys in dresses and
I hope to achieve this goal thru many ways,

I'm all in favour of any male coming forward and expressing his desire to wear a dress,
I'm doing my best to encourage that from them,

I also feel a male can change his opinion of a dress and wearing a dress AFTER he
has experienced that.

I'm all for experiences for the males of the world.
MissPenny MissPenny 18-21, F 8 Responses May 18, 2012

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Thank you Miss Penney. More boys should wear dresses.

I agree completely, Miss Penny. I do everything I can---nat enough I'm afraid--to encourage young--and not as young --males to discover who and what they really are. Keep up the good work----and a special hug for anyone who found he was a pantyboy today. Love Noelle

Add me please Miss Penny

I wonder if you Penny, and the others, Janice, Harley, Laura, Robin and Kirstin ever realised how much you enjoyed being girls rather than boys. Are any of you looking to begin going to school as girls and do any of you intend to fully transition<br />
<br />
It is a pleasure to have you on Experience Project and good luck with your feminization

Wow! You seem to be on a very interesting quest. I am just out of my teens but have been dressing full time as a daughter and a sister since I was a few years younger than you. There is disagreement whether it was originally my desire or Mom's to raise me as a girl. . Of course, the initial months for me, particularly in public, were embarrassing until I realized no one suspected my secret. Being home-schooled took away many of the problems my new appearance might cause. After a while, I began to really like the pretty blond girl that looked back at me from the mirror, plus I liked being one of the girls with my Mom and sis. My sister is probably much like you in her desire to rid the world of macho men. Today, I am dating a very nice, beautiful girl I met online. I am still living full time as a girl but Sammi knows who I am and our relationship is growing. As for the "macho male" in me ...I am sure those troublesome, boyish mannerisms are long gone. If your goal is to make the young macho boys of the world more sensitive ...panties, dresses and makeup go a long way to that end. You might be surprised to know there are many teen boys on EP looking for a girl like you to help them down that girlish path. Can I ask what happened in your young life to put you on this noble quest to change the boys of the world? ...Kaylee

Misspenny, thanks for your support. I'm 14 and love to wear my sisters dresses. She's the only one that knows, tho. Wish we could live near each other -- maybe you could help me dress up sometimes. : )

I am so glad you are approaching this with an open mind. I do like your way of thinking. Thats key to having this become accepted as what boys wear. You are doing us a great favor with contributing your thoughts and ideas about this very thing.Did you know prior to 1940, boys did wear dresses and they looked great in them back then. It was WW2 that stopped boys and men from wearing them. I am so glad this is getting rekindled and you and your friends will help promote something that has been missing in male wardrobes for many decades. Boy do deserve to be comfortable in dresses. So all in all, kudos to you all.

Excellent presentation, Again I hope you have much success in your endeavors to get more boys away from some ofold ways of thinking and get them into dresses and skirts. Your student body should also try to get the dress code changed so boys can wear them to school just as the girls do now. Maybe get a petition started.

I would enjoy to see you all get a petition started to give boys equal opportunities to wear dresses and skirts to school. The dress code does need to be updated with this in mind.