I Declare Miss Janice Rawks.

I headed over to visit our fine Miss Janice and I am about a block away from her
home and I faintly hear a guitar playing, as I get closer to her home, I hear
it louder, and yeah, it's a funky, cool sounding guitar coming from inside her homes garage.

Man ,who was rawking so awesomely?
Outside the closed garage door a handful of little boys are sitting quietly ,amazed at the
music coming from within the garage.

I go to the front door, politely ring the bell, tell the man answering my name and
I'm here to see Janice, he invites in thru the house and into the garage thru a doorway
and who do I find cranking out these heavy tunes- our Janice!

She RAWKS, and I'd say she has groupies, man Ralph bear is her bodyguard
We need to put her talent to use.
MissHarley MissHarley 18-21, F 3 Responses May 24, 2012

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you know there is nothing cooler than a guitar chick. do you sing as well. rock on sister

I sing a bit,working on it


You rock MissJanice.
As Melodie said maybe a missed opportunity for your special sisters to dress up and join in. Next time and keep us updated.

It was too bad she hadn't promised to play and sing for them if all ther boys would have put a dress or skirt on for her. A missed opportunity maybe?

No reason she can't do that another time.

True and she should tell you and penny so you can join her into convincing the boys to get dressed up for you.