A Father Daughtr Type Question

What do people say about a daughter who wishes to play sports
and watch sports and action movies, and hang out with and do what dad
they don't say to much , she is maybe called a toyboy, but still considered
a girl

what do people say about a son that whats to do things with mom and hang out with mom?
MissPenny MissPenny 18-21, F 8 Responses May 28, 2012

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Mommy's boy. Hi Miss penny. Add me please!

And I bet a lot of these tomboys will complain later in life of not finding a decent guy to treat them right when they didn't spend the time being a girl.

My daughter likes to hang out we, play sports. Going fishing when it cools off a little, couple hrs. Add me please.

Fabulous and lucky sweetie<br />
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They are called a jane girl

I guess it all depends on what the young son is wearing. When I was about 7 wearing jeans and playing catch with Dad ..I am sure I was a chip off the ol' block. When I was 10 in a sundress, makeup and curls and shopping with my Mom, I was her darling daughter. Most times, I appreciated both. I think sociey is more cruel for the unfortunate boy who only gets to stick his toe in the girl's side of the pool.

Ignorant people may call them a sissy or a girlie boy, these are the same people who just can't get through life without labeling others who are different from them, this includes ethnicticity, race, or lifestyle. They forget we are all the same under our exteriors - human.

Not very nice things and it's just not fair.