A Hair Raising Suggestion/idea

What does the length of hair on a head state of that person?

Generally I find us girls like it longer and longer, but have to settle
for a nice lengthy length, so we can manage it.
It represnts feminity, long hair and being feminine go hand in hand in most eyes.

Males have taken to chopping thier hair right off, a buzz cut style
the shorter ,the more manly they think they are.

I know we'll have our "sisters grow thier hair long, but what of wearing
lovely authentic sytles wigs till then?

And I wonder about those boys with long hair already- do they have some secret
I need to discover?
MissJanice MissJanice 18-21, F 8 Responses Jun 7, 2012

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andreaneejustinfield , with you on no more mohawks & such, guys look so much better with hair. My hair is just below my ears and feathered back nicely and some employees shittheir pants over it. Some women love it. Those who hate it are low mentality and very limited vocabulary (dummies who run with the crowd & don't know why) Good looking people have nice hair and that says something good about them. I have observed male doctors who have hair way down their back & they look so smooth relaxed and laid back and are generally very friendly. The BUTCH gang male & female is at odds most of the time and I avoid them.

That was the only reason why I grew my hair long in my very early teens.<br />
To look like a girl in my mothers dresses and I love long hair on girls.

I love long hair on females and it accents nice clothing. Make the whole picture nice.

kayleew2000 I agree with you !! Guys usually take 30 years to acquire a full brain so good luck with teaching. Guys who love lingerie and feminine things seem to do a lot better. Myself being one of them! YEAH!!! Love fem stuff. Long hair is pleasing &amp; sexy / foxy. I love to see females in dresses with long hair, so sweet and natural. In todays world so many fems are sporting mens short hair styles, mens clothes and mens bad attitudes, and they r quick to jump on us guys if we make any comment- byte me. Medocrity has a place whereever it is welcomed. Nice to be around open minded people who are outside that tiny world. Dressing up fem ought to be a national law. I want see congress in super full fem dress and in session, HEY HEY that would be fun. Can you imagine the comments they would be making to each other, they are bad now, now there is a movie. Imagine the marquies Featuring "PISSY KISSY CONGRESS" someone please produce that movie I'm ready for it.

I think long hair goes hand in hand with being feminine. It would be hard for a young boy to appreciate what it is like to be feminine by just wearing a dress occasionally. I suppose a boy shouldn't grow it down his back if he is still "pretending" to be a boy sometimes. I had to grow my hair out to shoulder length when I was young and I found it helped me see myself as a girl. Of course, my mother and sister also decided that was a good length to be worn in a number of styles including a simple pony tail. <br />
I guess if you just want simply to change a boy's appearance, a few simple clothes and some lipstick ought to do it. If you want to change a boy's mindset, you need to reach him at a deeper level with things that affect him emotionally. When the following items were introduced into my own life, it gave rise to my feminine personality ...panties and bras, pierced ears, plucked eyebrows, makeup, high heels and longer hair. And perhaps even more important than any of these, is having someone there (in my case it was my mother and sister) to teach a boy the grace and mannerisms of a young lady.

When was younger 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th grades I had hair past my shoulders. My junior year cut it to a normal length. Now I try and it keep trim, gets hot, my hair is thick. No worries here about going bald.

I can not message you directly but you will get notice this way. Yes you and Penny and Harley can write a chapter in "The Bully" or more if you wish. Besides part 1 there is a part 2 already now and unfortunately you are his first victim he robs. This is in the write the next chapter group like your story.<br />
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I figured since you girls are all in school and know of bullys today you could write how he victimized you three as I used all your names in the story. However you can also plot your revenge by him winding up in a little short pink dress and rhumba panties at the end.

I am a guy that loves to dress in my sisters clothes and underwear but I do not grow out my hair so when ever I dress up I try to you a nicely fitted wig

I am with you. I also am not a fan of them having buzz cuts or extremely short hair. For a cute boy, it should be about to the shoulders. Even pigtails or a ponytail would look nice on boys. No more mohawks or weird looking male hairdos anymore. Just nice feminine looks will do. They should visit a hair salon often and get their hair done. The thing is that they all need to expreince being a full time girl and taking better care of their hair and getting all the products they would need to do this.

boys can wear ponytails so giving them dual ponytails or pigtails on each side of the rear of their heads would look nice also with ribbons in bows.

Yes have the boys grow their hair, the styles available increase 10 fold. You can even give them a perm.