Beautiful'o'wendi Is Now A Sissy

After so many many times trying to convince owen to join the site
I have succeeded- Beautiful O wendi will be a member TODAY july 17

We had many issues to take care of before a agreement was found

it's Beautiful O wendis decision to be a pretty sissy,
she does not prefer to look like any young girl you have seen, she's doesn't like any details of her new self go unattended.

I had to make a fairly good deal to provide her with the clothing and
stuff she desired, there was no going part way- it's all or nothing
was her slogan- so I finally got enough together to make her happy
she's one vocal person , so be warned- {you'll love her]
MissHarley MissHarley 18-21, F 7 Responses Jul 16, 2012

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Welcome Beautiful O Wendis.<br />
I love your slogan, All or nothing and I don't want nothing so its all.

No need to hide Owendi.You look good.

I think O'Wendi looks great in the dress above this comment. Welcome to EP and explore it.

Peeks in and hides.

Please add me as a friend. I do admire how you look in your avatar. Don't be shy here. Your among friends who will support and encourage you to be yourself.

Very nice photo and welcome

Now I know why you are called Beautiful Owendi. Welcome and have fun and there is nothing to be afraid of here. Please don't be shy.

Beautiful ...beautiful. Spent much of my teen years in dresses like that and bows in my hair but I am not sure I ever looked that nice! I am just a few years older than you and would love to be your friend and share a few thoughts. ...Kaylee

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It's about time she joined.

finally- lets move on

good job!