I Just Want Respect

I am always talking about being happy and treating people like I wang to be treated. It was easier to do when I was single. But I fell in love with someone who hardly feels the same about things in life that I feel strongly about. That doesn't bother but cant you atleast respect the things that I feel strongly about. Im always getting yelled at. It doesnt even matter why. I respect his opinions and im not feeling the same in return. He will tell me im doing something that im not even doing. He will be yelling and accusing me of things im not even doing. When he's yelling and I ask him to stop, he doesnt feel he have to stop if he doesnt want to. If he doesnt want to talk about something, I better not dare talk about it if he doesnt want to hear it. Im just so unhappy right now that I know I have to leave. I should have been left and the longer I stay the harder it is to leave. But I do know I have to.
coco67 coco67
Mar 16, 2009