Fundamentalist Mormon

I am a convert to the LDS Church who was sealed for eternity to two living wives during my 22 years of active membership. All was well until jealousy set in with the second wife who ran to the Bishop and reported that her husband believed in Polygamy. I have 10 naturally born children between the two mothers. The Bishop called me into his office and told me that he believed in the principal of plural marriage too and that he believed someday the LDS Church would live in polygamy again but for now we needed to keep it quiet. My wife kept blabbing about it to everyone she knew and eventially the LDS Church called me into a church court and x-communicated me for apostacy. They claimed that I was teaching that polygamy should be lived today even though the Church had turned away from it in 1890 after signing the Manifesto through the Prophet Wilford Woodruff who was a polygamist himself.  I appealed the court decision and a general authority from Salt Lake City came to my appeal hearing and informed the Stake President and his counselor that I was a polygamist and that the church had made me one after sealing me to two wives in the temple even though I had been civilly divorced from the first. It has now been 13 years since I have been x-communicated. I am married to a new wife who I have introduced to the LDS Church. She joined the Church and I attend meetings with her every week but the Church still consideres me apostate but won't tell me what I can repent of to be re-baptised and to be re-admitted into their good graces. I guess they must just think I am lost and going to hell! I do still believe in polygamy because even through their own admission, they have made me one. The LDS Church likes to consider themslves as the only true Mormon faith based church which is a myth. The FLDS Church is not much different than the LDS Church other that they are willing to live the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ whereas the main stream LDS Church preferes to live by the dictates of the US Government.  
Sirabrahm Sirabrahm
Aug 8, 2010