The Gheels

The gheels…

(the gheel is a term used by non-gheels  to describe the losers that make up the numbers in a school year of teenagers0

Today I woke mid slumber, I like to set an alarm during the middle of the night at around four so I can go back to sleep safe in the thought that morning was far away and that I can cushion up to my soft pillow and the warm blanket that encloses my every being… it never works… the alarm wakes me up and dazed, I drag my cumbersome arm from beneath what at the time seems like a  heavenly warm blanket so that I may extinguish the shrill irritating  noise that I consciously set myself up to endure, also known as my alarm…then after the regular  flinching at the stinging light that accompanies the turning on of my itouch I switch off the alarm and almost immediately fall back into the blissfulness that is sleep.


...I feel the effects in the morning not straight away but just when I settle down in period one-normally something strenuously boring or even if it’s something that isn’t normally unenjoyable the nights events have messed it up for you. The effects are that the teacher –******* eager beaver tools the lot of them, becomes even more incredibly dulled down to the point that it’s impossible to listen to them and you have to start conversation with some genius ******* gheel who’s always tidily prepared and shh’s you and doesn’t lend pen’s to anyone as a policy but they of course find their idol -the teacher so ******* brilliantly interesting that they don’t even bother shhing you they just completely burn you.


Now it’s at this stage you realize your mistake, in your normal school-zombie state you have sat in the front row trapped admidst a whole flock of gheels this happens surprisingly a ******* lot!except in a way your happy that all the gheels aren’t talking to you because when you interact with them-GOD HOW MUCH WORSE IT CAN GET!



Me in my bored as I mentioned before school-zombie state rarely want to interact with the gheels. They normally have a leader it changes from week to week. The one who brings in the chess board or the new slimline nerd version of some game console that’s just come out that they queued up outside game for with their gheel oily skinned  older brother conversing with other bigger gheels queuing up alongside them cheering nerdly as the biggest ******* gheel owner of the game shop opens the front door of the complete gheel game shop.




Anyway where was I

School is not exciting at the best of times but when your in no mood to joke with some of the gheels that **** you off by highlighting the fact that your pissed off  and you feel wrecked from Saturday night where you stayed up till two. and the situation is not helped by the ******* high pitched voices ever so happy in their posh safe  bubble of the eager first years who are always well prepared and so neat and get baby talked to at home…the little *****… to be continued...

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18-21, M
Mar 2, 2010