Dirty *****

**** yes I talk dirty during sex. I am very verbal anyway but during sex I am really turned on by the sounds of it all. I will be more than happy to tell you how I like to be ******, or tell you how good you are ******* me. Or if the moment calls for it I will beg you to make me your filthy little *****. I am in it for everything I've got I want it all. Oh and if you talk dirty to me too, holy ****, it's on. Hot, sweaty, name calling, swear words flying, stinky, dirty monkey sex is about to commence.
omgseriously omgseriously
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Its a very sexual thing .

You had me at...
Dirty ***** **** yes I talk dirty during sex
Than it just got more exciting as i read on
I'm looking forward to reading more of your stories =D

I really love it when a woman begs me to *** inside her. That's my favorite ;)

You sound like my wife... she is very prim and proper, but in bed, she is a ******* ***** to me and loves to talk dirty. I love it! Her favorite word is ****, or any combination of ****. And if i call it anything other than her ****, she gets mad! Needless to say, I love ******* her!

**** yeah talk dirty to me as you gag on my ****

I like to run what I know to be a woman's top sex fantasy verbally during sex. It causes her to have extreme *******. I also like making her admit she's a ***** and a dirty ****. Makes for hot sex.

You need to teach me these things!!!! I never have, but I bet I could get right into this!!!

Whats the hottest nastiest thing youve heard when having sex? i need some inspiration, dirty ***** or wet **** only goes so far after a while ;-)

Awesome...I always feel like that raw, hot, dirty sex talk makes it so much more exciting!

Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think

Nice, I agree that is like the cherry on top of a big load of cream, if ya know what I mean.. ;)

You,Me Bed Now! lol


hhmm amazing honey it's show that you are very sex enjoyable person and in sex you don't need anything just need ****.i like it baby......