Letting It All Hang Out

im a 43 year old male and I've really changed the way I live my life I used to be a real loaner didnt really talk much well you know the sort I'm talking about well I got married when I was a senior in high school she was a 10th grader we strugled through it for 20 years .then in 2004 I ended up in a pretty big jam which sent me to prision for 7 years.well I got out in 2010 and I lost everything I mean I had nothing I still to this day havent seen the woman I spent 20 years of my life with.but thats cool cuz ive spent most my life with one person now I get to play the field. ive become a person who will tell you just what's
on my mind prison has made me vocal and aggeresive I say what I want when I want.ive hooked up with this nice girl since ive been out and she comes from a nice upbringing and she had only been with one guy.so she had very little sexual experiance.well to make this as short as I can I got her doing and saying things that would make most men blush and she loves it . and I love making her scream.like I told her ive spent my whole life pleasing eve to havetorybody but me so I plan on spending the next half pleasing me and if she happens to have a orgasam or to along the way well good for her.but like I told her im a freak and all im here to take care of all you lovely ladies plus I will help you while you help me .
pudlovesyourmuff pudlovesyourmuff
31-35, M
May 21, 2012