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Now If Only My Husband Would Do It!!

I haven't always talked dirty during sex.  My husband doesn't talk dirty during sex.  I noticed that I did start a few years ago.  I tell him what I like, and how I like it.  That's another reason our sex life really improved, when I started talking dirty.  I moan and groan a lot too.  My husband will tell me, "Shhhh!"  Now I don't want anyone hearing me, but when I'm in the heat of passion, don't tell me, "Shhhh!"  I won't do it, hehe.  Things have definitely gotten much better with me expressing myself.  Even ******* seem to last much much longer than they did when I was younger.  I guess you could say my husband is a pretty quiet guy.  I actually heard him moaning the other night, and I thought "WOW!!!" my husband is actually moaning while I was pleasuring him.  I might have him talking dirty too before long, hehe!!!

Oh, to whoever put in the avatar for me, "Thank you," I couldn't find anything.  I came back later and there was this nice avatar.

TexasLily TexasLily 56-60, F 31 Responses Jul 3, 2009

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I love it when my hubby talks dirty to me, telling me all kinds of stuff especially when he describes how he want to be with a young black man and show him how good I am. He really enjoys that as well I am sure. I respond very well and he likes that. How the guy really pounds me good and all.

*** Lily let me hear you talk dirty

which avatar?

hahaha, you made me laugh with your comment. You don't know how I wish my husband was this way. He is like the quietest man during sex in the whole freakin world. BORING!!!! I do love him with all my heart but MAAANNNN, is he boring during sex. So much that I prefer to just pleasure myself, alone.

you sound very ymmmmy.i hope he opens his eyes before you start to look around to be treated slutty in willing to help you if you dont mind...

if you were my mouth and did this..i would get rock harder and pound you harder and treat you like my littl **** ***** in bed and talk to you dirty too mmy ****

thank you Teutonic...;-)

Haha, yeah, I wish my hubby would talk during sex but he still won't! He barely makes a sound while he's cuming. Just think how much more HOT it would be if I could hear how HOT he's getting. Oh well...

Yeah, it took me years to feel comfortable enough to start expressing myself during sex. It does make a HUGE difference to the one talkin and the one listening!!!! :-D

the dirtyier the hotter tell me what you like it has taken 25 years for my wife to be able to say and do waht she says now and it is so ******* hot when she tells me what i am doing right and what not to do, that she is really enjoying something i got her to let me lick my *** out of her after i **** her now she can not get enough of it she **** so much and so hard when she is there. It is only right as she has given me so much plesure over the years. I can lick her ***** for hours before after adn during the time that i get to ffuck it.

Hello Foreversoul, you always make me laugh with your comments. Talking dirty during sex makes me downright "HOT!!!" I really enjoy this. I think it's kinda funny to always say the almightys name when we're in the heat of passion. I still do it though, you just can't help it when it's feeling so good!!!

cjpsf5, I can be very quiet, I can also be a little on the wild side!!! <br />
<br />
<br />
PTMAN, is my hooker and I am his pimp. My hooker better behave or I will punish him!!!

she is my pimp like in HUNG on HBO. LOL<br />
I love her to death she is a good friend.

PT lol pimp ! Lily I take you as the quite type;'.

why maybe? you don't love me no more? i love you. i don't hold grudges.


Pimp, love you. are you still my buddy.

I'm sorry ForeverSoul,I don't know why I had that strange dream,with me you never know what or who I will be dreaming,lol.

Same here myonis,the older I get the more intense it gets!!

Oooo ForeverSoulGardian you think that's shocking,I had a dream last night or well early this morning because I don't usually hit the sack until the wee hours of the morning.It was about 3 EP guys and your one of them,the first EP guy is someone I never speak to and we were just talking and having a nice time.You were the second guy in the dream,but this part was the nightmare part,lol,don't ask me why.And the third part of the dream was much nicer but it was another guy and I won't go into details as to what went on.I wasn't going to mention this but you just happened to comment on my story,lol and I just had to tell you!!!

I honestly wasn't referring to my own mother specifically. All I know is I love sex and we don't keep that much of a secret around here. My sex life now is so much better and more fulfilling than at any other time in my life - and I've been having sex for a long time.

Lol Myonis,Girl please my mother hated sex and so do my sisters,I am the only female out of 5 that actually enjoy sex.I have 1 aunt out of 5 aunts and she was also the only one who adored sex,lol.Considering that most of the females in my entire family just don't enjoy sex,we sure have a lot of cousins running around,lol.They're like a baby making factory,lol.Maybe they're just to shy to say,hey I want it and I got to have it,lol!!!

That's a secret our mothers never told us. It just gets better and better.

I do agree with you womaninbliss,it has definitely gotten better starting in my late 40's.thanks for your comments!!

Sounds great Lilycue - and don't even think about age here - it only gets better in my opinion.<br />
<br />

Hi pixelita yeah were finally making some kind of headway after being married for 27 years.But hey any improvment is better that boring old life without sex.I may be 51 but I still need it and want it,I don't have to have it all day long but still I do still enjoy.Thank you for commenting!!

You have to join the group to add the avatar, but if there's already one only the founder can change it.

Lily...It sounds like you're making headway since you've got him groaning a bit and expressing his may take a while for him to feel comfortable but he just might come around! :-) <br />
<br />
I didn't know you can add avatars to groups that don't have them Myonis... that bugs me too! :-)

Hi flour yes we girls gotta do what we gotta do,haha!!Thank for for commenting!!

Good story girl. I say whatever works to have a great sexlife is great!-lol

Ohh,so your the guilty one who put in the avatar,lol,naw,it's ok.For some reason I was having a hard time finding something that I liked.Thanks for commenting!!

I put the logo up for this group. Glad you like it! I add those whenever I can. The generic thing bothers me for some reason. =) <br />
As far as your sex life, good for you! Talk away. It sounds like your husband may be joining you.