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I talk in my sleep, although I've never heard it myself. My mom used to tell me about it when I was younger. Apparently one time I even said a boys name. How awkward is that? haha. I was a little embarrassed and that was the first time I ever realized that talking in my sleep could be a dangerous thing!

My husband says I've been talking in my sleep a lot lately. Practically every night. This made me nervous that perhaps I was saying things that were best left unsaid. However, he told me that it's mostly mumbles and I giggle non-stop. He said it's always, 'mumblemumble, giggle-giggle-giggle' hahaha. So, I guess I'm having some happy dreams! Although, I haven't been remembering too many of them lately, which is very unusual for me.

I wish I could hear what on earth kind of things I say clearly, or what kind of sounds I make. I hope I don't ever make creepy noises! Hubby says the giggling is the creepiest part of it all. That's a nice thought:P

The thing I find the most bizarre is that I'm having these giggle-in-my-sleep-dreams on the nights that I'm most upset. That makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm not complaining though. I'd rather do that than have nightmares!
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yeah the tape recorder is useful , like edgar cayce and peter horkus did, it may reveals some visions .

That's a good idea! We'll have to try that

Why not keep a tape recorder near the bed and ask him to record it the next time it happens?