My Phone Conversation In My Sleep.

I only talk in my sleep only if I'm very tired or I have something on my mind. So I was at my grandma's spending the night on a weekend visit and I went to bed earlier than her because I was so exhausted. I went to sleep right when I hit the pillow and the next thing I know my grandma asks me who am I talking to. This is all in my sleep so I 'am just saying what she told me, so I reply mother why. She says ok what does she want, I say she wants you to come and visit. My grandma replies really and I say yes and then I cut off. Then my grandma said I was holding a phone conversation for like three minutes the next morning. I would like pause then ask or say something like I was actually on the phone even though I wasn't and I was asleep through the whole thing, that's what she said.
Stormy240 Stormy240
22-25, F
Nov 27, 2010