Talking In My Sleep.

My best friend came over to spend the night one night and before we went to bed I warned her about I might sleep talk with her. She didn't believe me and we both we asleep. Well it all started off when I had a laughing fit in my sleep which woke up my friend. She look over at me and said what in the world are you doing, and what is so funny. I said nothing then I held a conversation with her because right then she turned on the lamp and saw that I was actually asleep. So she decides to play around with me asking me things like what is my favorite color or something about her. The thing is the morning came and she actually recorded me on her ipod. I anwsered everything correctly but never gave out any secrets. The whole recording time was almost six minutes long. It was kinda funny because sometimes I said the most random things that you could ever think off, and I made her delete the recording.
Stormy240 Stormy240
22-25, F
Nov 27, 2010