Longer Conversations Even!

Recently my boyfriend has been telling me that I say things to him that I have NO memory of saying..
Yep I talk in my sleep, and evidently it's gotten "worse" lately. Firstly I guess it should be said that I sometimes sleep at weird times of the day, where most people are awake and sometimes I don't even sleep at night.
A few days ago, I was sleeping when my boyfriend came home from work at around 3pm. He said "Hun, you awake?" I clearly wasn't. But I said, "Sure, I'm getting up now, hold on"... But I was so not awake or getting up. I was sleeping! But the conversation went on. He asked me what I was going to make for dinner, and what he should buy from the grocery store. I answered him. He also told me about his day, and I replied.
This is just crazy you think? How can I converse with people in my sleep? Hah, I'm not sure! Once I answered my phone when I was asleep as well. It was my stepmom. When I woke up, I thought I had dreamt that she called me, but I spoke to her after and she told me what I had said and everything. So weird!

Hm, well when I don't have direct conversations with people, I talk absolute gibberish!
My boyfriend told me so, and I wouldn't believe him. Me? Talking in my sleep baha! Oh yes, he wanted to prove it! So he taped me talking on his phone. How nice of him! Haha..
True and sure enough I talked in my sleep and not just a few words out of context... Noo he did it over a few days and played it to me. Owh it was so funny to listen to. One of the times, I was talking about bunnies. And that I thought it was about time we introduced them to my inlaws. Another one of the funniest things I said (so I think) was when I was mumbling abit at first, and then I said "Well now we also need to plant some of that lettus, huh?" .... We don't even have a garden, and I am NO herbalist. Gosh my mind when I'm asleep. Now I believe him when he says I've been telling him weird **** in my sleep.

Don't worry, I think I'm awake now though =)
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Ever since I was a kid I've been a deep sleeper. Always late for EVERYTHING! I'm now 25 years old and still hasn't changed. Only change is that instead of my parents it's my wife waking me. We also have 2 small children (18 months and 1 week old). My poor wife has night shift. On top of this I have can sit up wide eyed and have a complete conversation with you with no recollection at all. When I was young my family would eat on Sunday mornings at a family friends restaurant. Several times my parents would wake me and ask if I wanted to join. I would look right at them and tell them some excuse such as I don't feel well or something. When I woke I would call them complaining I was hungry and wanted to go too, why didn't they wake me! Not sure the reason but I can still do that today. I've been in the military, set up several alarms around the room, and I take no sleep meds that would induce a deep sleep. Anyone else ever experienced this?

Haha that's hillarious! <br />
Yeah I know, gotta be careful. I told my bf I'd do the dishes today.. While I was asleep. Great. What will the next be? :P