My Top 10 Sleep Talk Moments

I've been a sleep talker for years and have managed to narrow down each night into a top 10 experience list (as told by my fiance when I was conscious again):

1. "The dog looks good in the wetsuit. He says he needs it to fly around the universe."

2. "Mother! Motherrrrr!!! Where are my sausage slippers?"

3. "Not now Satan! I'm watching The Big Bang Theory! Go play with Elvis!"

4. "Chicken tastes good. It tastes like phlegm."

5. "And the anti Christ rose from the womb of the old woman to spread a plague upon the land." (Sam said this one in particular really freaked him out)

6. "I don't want to do my homework with the pentagram!"

7. "Corronation Street is for donkeys and rapists"

8. "Will Doctor Who come and sing at my birthday party with the sparkly men?"

9. "**** off, you carrot *******!"

Meeoko Meeoko
18-21, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

These are hilarious thanks so much for sharing!!