I Wish It Was True ...

I watched Russell brands film , "forgetting Sarah Marshall" with my ex and hated it the first time I watched it .

I went to bed whilst he was watching another film , and slept soundly .. Or so I thought . The next morning, I woke up and he starts laughing at me as soon as he looks at me ... I'm getting pissed off at this point , so I ask what the hell is so funny ...

It turns out that when he came up to bed , I sit up , still asleep, chuck a pillow at him and say " I told you that film was crap ! Russell Brand came round to have a cuppa and he even told me he hated it himself and only made it for the money, then we walked to the shop and we made a cake but it burnt. Have you seen Russell ?" after talking about 'my friend' for a while , i apparently laid back down real quick and didn't utter another sound.

Safe to say I felt like a douche when he told everyone the next day !
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sometimes it affect our emotions and if we dislike the thing we watch it infuriates us all....hhhhmmm

You were probably not yet sleeping, you were still in that natural state of trance that comes before sleep and that is very similar to hypnosis.<br />
<br />
Did he really tell other people about that? What an ******* :)

Well I'd been asleep for a few hours at this point , so who knows ... Maybe I was half and half , I'm a really light sleeper so maybe I woke up when he came to bed . Yep he told everyone , and yes I agree he is an ******* :)

Yes, you probably woke up, but not completely - so you said what you were really thinking :)

So I must be crazy if I thought Me and Russell brand made a cake together and had a cuppa ?? I must have dreamt that , unfortunately ... It really is a crap film though :)

Yes, that's what I meant - apart from the Russell Brand dream - you said it was crap because you really wanted to say that :)

Yep :) although I said it all the way through haha

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