Sort Of. Does Moaning Count?

I used to.  But I wouldn't talk, I'd moan.  Moan in pain...not anything sexual.  My boyfriend at the time would wake me up and ask me what was wrong, but I would always say that I didn't know, and I really didn't.  I had to have been dreaming but I could never remember it.

A lot of those times I would also end up shivering, or twitching, or flinching.  Sometimes I would try to punch or kick.  It would freak my boyfriend out and he'd wake up being all scared.  Poor guy

I did that for months but then I stopped doing it, I don't know why I started doing it and I also don't know why I stopped.

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4 Responses Dec 4, 2008

It's okay, it happened years ago and I'm pretty much over it. I'm still a pretty cautious person, but it's not because I'm worried that some guy is going to come up and rape me. It would be cool if I could just chill and not be on my toes so much though.

Sorry to hear you were raped. I often watch women as they walk to their cars, and how guarded and cautious they are. Sometimes I see fear. It make me glad to be a guy. I could not imagine how that would affect me IF I was a woman.

No, I don't fear being raped, even though I was in the past, I don't fear it now. My guess based on your explanation, was that back when I used to moan in my sleep I hadn't gotten over being raped and somehow that affected my dreams. Maybe? <br />
<br />
And no, I have never been robbed. I know people who have been, though.

Well the first thing that comes to mind is do you fear being raped? <br />
I am not meaning to be rude, but the way you described it, it sound like you had something to fear.<br />
We you ever robbed or anything like that. Or someone you knew?