Not Just Talk

It's very weird... I do talk in my sleep sometimes, full sentences, I'm told. And also laugh and cry too. And I have a nasty habit of grabbing things in my sleep and moving too. :-o

I have to put my nightstand FAR away from my bed. Because one night, I was dreaming that I wanted something to drink. I grabbed a cup of orange juice and started to drink, in my dream. But in reality, I grabbed the cup of orange juice from the nightstand and poured it all over myself! LOL! So, it's safe to keep my cigs, sharp objects, and all liquids AWAY from the bed! Or, I just might try to smoke a cig in my sleep or stab myself with scissors!

Also, if I'm having a battle dream, where I am fighting foes, I tend to fight also in my sleep. I have woken myself up, karate chopping my blanket... when really in my dream, it was a terrorist! And plenty of times I kicked and punched the wall, that my bed is up against, gaining my sister's attention since she sleeps in the next room! XD

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10 Responses Dec 13, 2008

I go through the same things you do, I remember waking up one morning to find myself nibbling on the bedsheet(in my dream I'd thought it was a bar of chocolate). I have random *** conversations with my family or myself during my sleep and laughter/screaming fits too. My sister who I shared my room with almost half my life tells me that sometimes my eyes are open when I sleep talk and that she thinks i'm possessed. Her method of dealing with it is hitting me hard with a pillow or shaking me till I shutup and go back to sleep. <br />
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I don't walk in my sleep but my family makes fun of the time when as a kid they left me alone at home with my sister(who was babysitting) and I dreamt I heard the front door open and my mom getting ready to leave 'DONT LEAVE WITHOUT ME!' I yelled and rannnnnnn towards her.. in the dream atleast. In reality, my sister saw me bolt upright in my sleep, scream for my mom and run off the bed and straight into my wardrobe with a loud bang and then fall to the floor, still asleep. :P<br />
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I have friends sleep over who tell me I talk in my sleep, loudly too at that. Odd thing is I can never remember doing that :S They all wish they'd made a video cos it looks so darn funny at the time, like the time I was ''pointing at imaginary monkeys and laughing like a retard''

I punch as hard as I can in my sleep, and even though I'm aiming for some ******* in my dreams, I hit my wall or nightstand furniture. And in doing so, I mess up my fists real bad. I can't remember how many times I've woken up with bloody knuckles. I've got scars from dreaming!!! <br />
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I also yell bloody murder in my sleep. Generally in the morning time before I wake up. I'll curse up a storm. Or just yell random stuff like "Let me go!" or "Gimme a chance!" or "Watch out!" or "F--- You Mother F---er!!! Die!!!"<br />
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It's weird. I can't say that I haven't physically hurt people who sleep near me.

lol Its ok shadow, I cant either...

Well sara lets see come be my bedmate ;-)...<br />
Shadow dont worry we can be bedmates to!!! (shh dont tell sara):-)

Hmmm, maybe itwillchange, honey, you just need better, sweeter bedmates! ;-)

I do the same thing... Everytime someone sleeps in my bed they wake up with brusies, and tell me how I would not stop hitting/ kicking them. I also talk in my sleep and I will stand up if the blanket isnt on me, pick it up then jump back down.

You sound like you'd be positively dangerous!!!! Hmmm, I guess they'd just have to make sure you were veeeery tired every night! That might be nice!

Damn Shadow... it must be tough sleeping with you! (And here I thought the occasional snore was bad!!!)

Dream Warrior eh? Pretty cool stuff :) I used to fight in my sleep when I was a kid :)

As long as no one answers you are okay.