Desparate to Stop!!!

In the past my wife found it cute that I would do this. Over the past year though I've started talking about a female coworker and close friend. Although I do find her attractive I don't want it coming out in my sleep the way it does. I love my wife and don't want to loose her. It is at a point where she won't sleep with me anymore. I am hurting her and I am desparate to stop. I am forced to end my friendship with this coworker but I am afraid my talking about her won't stop. Or worse, I'm afraid resentful comments about having to end my friendship will be directed at my wife next. I also feel like my privacy has been violated because my "fantacies" are on display. I can't keep anything secret. Has anyone heard of any techniques to help stop this crazyness?

CouGeo CouGeo
36-40, M
Feb 14, 2009