That's What She Said :p

I never knew I did until Historyman told me... have to admit I am kinda embarrassed.

The other day after my exam I crashed out and he sat up watching Indiana Jones and the Sequel of Doom lol, and apparently I sat up, said 'Historyman will conquer the flowers!', fist pumped three times and went back to sleep.

He says its cute... I say its one bit of knowledge I could have lived comfortably without lol.

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

LOL That's kinda cool... talking abour her dog.<br />
<br />
Hehehehe yeah, I bet it would... talk in your sleep about another guy/girl, wake up to an empty house with your clothes burning in a pile out side lol. Yeah, that would def be bad lol.<br />
<br />
That's cool, you embarrass waaaay harder than I do about the sleep talking thing, I guess I'm just a tad of a control freak about it... not knowing what I'm saying or having any control over it freaks me lol.

Yeah sure, it doesn't embarrass me cuz I sleep on my own but how bad could it be? I suppose if you're sleepin beside your partner and talk about another guy or somethin it could get you in a bit of trouble though lol, my mate used to talk to her dog all the time in her sleep she would shout all over the whole house stuff like, "bruno **** off, I'm gettin your dinner now!" lol!

LOL I'd love to do that too.... lord only knows what we'd hear if we did lol! Sure you want to know? :P

Lol! Aw I do that too apparantly! I'd love to leave a tape recorder running in my room some night to hear the nonsense I come off with!