I'm a Dangerous Sleeper.

I punch as hard as I can in my sleep, and even though I'm aiming for some ******* in my dreams, I hit my wall or nightstand furniture.  And in doing so, I mess up my fists real bad.  I can't remember how many times I've woken up with bloody knuckles.  I've got scars from dreaming!!!  <br>
I also yell bloody murder in my sleep.  Generally in the morning time before I wake up.  I'll curse up a storm.  Or just yell random stuff like "Let me go!" or "Gimme a chance!" or "Watch out!" or "F--- You Mother F---er!!!  Die!!!"<br>
It's weird.  I can't say that I haven't physically hurt people who sleep near me.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

I've got scars from dreaming too! I don't think I've ever cursed or yelled at someone in my sleep. I do the violent flailing bit fairly often, though. I tend to hit things less and instead just wind up clawing at my hands and arms. :(