Talk Talk Talk

That's me, I never shut the hell up and listen.


It's not a bad thing, or is it? lol

51-55, M
5 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Thank you for the cute part Pix, I love to hear you talk also. you have this sexy voice that makes me want to pull you through my cell and spank your ***.<br />
<br />
Now on the wtf,wtf part that I presumably bring out in some people. lolit's that some of us do speak without knowing why they are going wtf,wtf,wtf. I personally know of someone. I'm not saying no names because I don't want to share the blame. :) she is a sexy little thing though.:)

BUT.....sometimes when you talk too much you make other people say WTF! WTF! WTF!, that's not nice! hehehe!!!!!!! *wink*

LOL!!!! It's not a bad thing at all....that's what's so cute about you!!! There is never a dull moment with you Ptman! :-)

i certainly do angel. lol

Mmm here it's a problem ..can't hear a damn thing **watch I'm SCREAMING!!!! can U hear me? LOL!!<br />
:-)) i see it's never a problem we watch for signals..get ma drift *TIGER* o_O