Evtom As It Is

I'm a red headed bloke. A man who is 32 years old. I look like I'm 18. Or even younger. I have no idea why this is. People used to always think that my little brother was my older brother. It might be because I am a very silly person. I don't know. It has been said that I have a baby face. Last year I married the girl of my dreams.

I love the natural world including the beach and the mountains. I am very passionate about all living things, life is awesome. I am so strong that I can make an apple explode by crushing it in one hand. That takes 80 psi of pressure - double the air pressure in a car tyre. A Thai monk told me that I will live a very long life. I don't know why, but I am blessed with vitality & strength. In my heart I know that I will be around for a damned irritating & possibly unnecessary
period of time. Nonetheless, I will do what people ask of me. I consider that each one of us is the highest. I don't seek favor from God. I just really dig people. I have all the time in the world for them. At the moment I am working in a bar. I talk to a lot of drunks, but I think they are awesome. Patience is nothing.

When I was 11 my dad died. When I was 24 my little brother died. I don't wan't pity. I just want people to know that I had an awesome little bro & a cool daddeo! My dad was a word smith & wrote short stories. My lttle bro Rossmo, who everyone thought was my older brother was a rock n roll punk dude. We saw eye to eye on everything. As a macho aside...sorry ladies, I know girls don't like this kind of talk...but Ross beat up some guys who were older than him & very fit. So I had to take down some idiots. I guess I have a gentle face. They just wouldn't believe what I asked of them until they'd been thrown on the ground. & then later you feel bad about having had to do that...It goes against my whole philosophy...I don't  even want to hang up on a tele marketeer...assertive vs aggressive - 4 me it's almost the same thing.

I hope I can work on some poetry with the members of this web site.
EvTom EvTom
31-35, M
Dec 5, 2011