No matter how blue u're feeling..
No matter how much ur soul is bleeding..

The sun will always be rising
Just look far away to the horizon
and see the world u're missing.. the life that u're leaving behind..

If 1 door couldn't open up for u
then there's still million others are waiting

Feel ur heart and lose all the pain inside u..
and someone somewhere will be right there beside u
to help u get through the hard times..

One Day.. when u're out from under feeling and looking
like someone new

You will definitely see this world in a whole different view..

flawlessgardenia flawlessgardenia
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 5, 2009

thank you trails for these nice words :)<br />
and i totally agree on what you said<br />
writing poems do makes you feel good and peaceful and just take you to a whole different places where you can be whatever you wanna be and be who you wanna be..

I just want to thank you for your gifts and sharing them with us.I too write poems in story form and enjoy it and like to share with others.I like the state of mind I can go into, it takes me to the same places but some how it's more rewarding when used in poetry.I feel so complete after writing and peaceful,it brings out the inter most way of all of me.I learned to write at an early age.Mother taught all of us the peace it brings and the peace it leaves behind for us.