My Painful expression

My tears have run

The river won't dry,

My heart is breaking

And so I cry.


You didn't know,

Couldn't understand

I opened to you,

But now I feel damned.


I guess you weren't ready

To see a new me,

But if you loved me

How hard could it be?


As I end my dreams

Of hopes at that life,

I feel my heart end

From the touch of this knife.


Orchalia (aka ST, SJ, BJ, TJ)

Orchalia Orchalia
22-25, F
4 Responses Nov 8, 2009

Love feels so good. Sometimes things come too fast and you aren't ready even when you thought you were. Every good wood's man has one deep scar, no more, no less, tested & true. When you give someone your heart & trust them & they don't value it...what is one to do, but turn to black thoughts? But why did you give that person your heart? Do you even know your own heart?

Your words express what I'm feeling about the loss again of my first love.

To anyone who has been looking for Orchalia, this is my new account with EP, please add it! I'm in for the long haul now in relocating all of my stories and notifying those who were in my circle and so on.<br />
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Thanks, Orchalia aka Orckiss

Live is a very long road Love, you never know what will be farther down it. DO NOT loose that hope! (((hugs)))<br />