To Be Refined...

I'll light these candles

To set the mood

For what I'm about

To share with you,

Turn off your phone

And rest for a while

I'll be gentle

My beautiful child.


Where words can fail

And I can't express

My love for you

Despite all my best,

I'll show in my touch

For you this night

No reservation

Just trust and like.


I worship your heart

Your thoughts and mind

Your temple, your soul

I'll kiss a while,

I taste your joy

Your delight, your bliss

You moan for me

So I won't desist.


I hold you close

Please don't you fight me

I only hope

You also like me,

But I think you know

For sure that now

I know that love

You told me about.



(aka ST, SJ, BJ, TJ)

Orchalia Orchalia
22-25, F
4 Responses Nov 10, 2009

To anyone who has been looking for Orchalia, this is my new account with EP, please add it! I'm in for the long haul now in relocating all of my stories and notifying those who were in my circle and so on.<br />
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Thanks, Orchalia aka Orckiss

It doesn't need refining it's just right as it is.<br />
<br />
Very sensual.

This is...beautiful, and just perfect :)

This is very rough at the moment, for those who are reading; and I hope to refine it and smooth the rough edges. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome... And I hope that the person I have written this for sees it - you know who you are ;)