For Her

I'll light these candles

To set the mood

For what I'm about

To share with you,

Turn off your phone

And rest for a while

I'll be gentle

My beautiful child.


Where words can fail

And I can't express

My love for you

Despite all my best,

I'll show in my touch

For you this night

No reservation

Just trust and like.


I worship your heart

Your thoughts and mind

Your temple, your soul

I'll kiss a while,

I taste your joy

Your delight, your bliss

You moan for me

So I won't desist.


I hold you close

Please don't you fight me

I only hope

You also like me,

But I think you know

For sure that now

I know that love

You told me about.



(aka ST, SJ, BJ, TJ)

Orckiss Orckiss
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2009