Someone I Need

 Your Slave? (Once more)

She was once a friend

I aim for that to be so once.

I must initiate the first move, to mend

And ease my conscience that feels so poor.

Will it work? I don’t know if or when;

I'm afraid to hope, they’ve been dashed before.

But still an accomplice I’ll send

Who’ll travel down to her, right to the core.

A favour she’ll ask, hoping my x-friend will lend

A helping hand in answering questions and more.

She’ll answer what she will, always her mind she will tend

To first. I wait there, silent, and there I saw

A future, uncertain, it could rend

Either way, change is what you store:

Tip the scale, but I will help defend

My side. I still want you, my heart is sore

Without you here, see my hand extend.

Will you take it? Won’t know for sure

As you’re unpredictable, right to the end.

So I wonder if you will (or not) show me a door

Or if it be so, to your will, I will bend

(Once more)

stareyed stareyed
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2009