Love Overcomes All

The days become short and the nights grow longer,


as i lay in my room and anxiously ponder,

the menacing darkness that tugs at my thoughts,

planted by doubters who sneer and hurl taunts.

They say we're too's never going to last,

to look at the odds and failures in the past.

They claim distance and time will wear down our love so true,

that we are crazy to try... as we have both promised to do.

With every hurtful stab from words of doubt,

the knife cuts deeper and I start to bleed out,

the hurts and fears I keep inside,

that I so desperately try to hide.

For my soldier who will soon be gone,

sacrifices are made to be "Army Strong".

These grim atonements I proudly give,

 that others may be free and happily live,

without disturbing thoughts and burdaning fears,

that haunt my dreams and unleash my tears.

BUT when he leaves to serve in our war,

I'll give him my heart, my soul, and much more.

For he completes me in every way,

giving me strength to get through each day.

Every negative remark, I will look in the face...

to prove to unbelievers that claim it all a waste,

that time and distance may break up some,

but we are the exception---together we are one.

We will never stop believing, keeping our promises true,

for we share an enduring bond... a love that pushes through!

hannahwuvsdillon hannahwuvsdillon
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 5, 2010

I like your poem. Keep believing that all your dreams will come true!