That's not me
That girl in the mirror i see

Who am i and what do i want

I can't reach the facts
I lost my track

The space is all i feel
The space is all i see

No human being crawling up inside me
Something different is taking over trying to hide me

Funny how things turned against me and pushed me away
and i thought i was someone with something to say

Silly i've become to want to scatter everything i've done
Because i don't care of what had happened and what's going to happen

I lost part of me
A part of who i used to be
A part of what's making me who i'm supposed to be

flawlessgardenia flawlessgardenia
26-30, F
3 Responses Jan 31, 2010

ok sorry to bore you, but you've inspired me to write one more thing...<br />
I gazed up at the sky. I was just a tiny boat on a vast ocean. No wind, no waves, just me floating there. Adrift on the open sea. Lord Jim, the ship wreck scene. The sky was deep & brilliant, a fixed idea beyond human doubt. From my position on the ground the sky seemed the logical culmination of all existence. The same with the sea. If you look at the sea for days, the sea is all there is. Quoth Joseph Conrad. A tiny boat cut loose from the fiction of the ship. Aimless, inescapable, inevitable. - Haruki Murakami

very interesting girl! there is so much space between the words, between the sub atomic particles, between ourselves and our perception of ourselves - haha space -yep there is a lot of it - definitely no shortage. It can make you feel lonely planet rocket ship photography. You are someone with something to say. Unfortunately there are very few situations in life when a truly original thought is called for -

Thank you, I appreciate your kind words

Thank you BellaFairy i appreciate it :)