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I am a regular Dr. Doolittle.  I have always talked to animals, my own and any other animal that crossed my path.  I think they understand a lot more than some people give them credit for.  I don't think it is just the tone of your voice.  I think there is real communication between the species if you can make the connection.  I actually had a dog once who really talked - he said "mommy", but that's another story!

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

The sweet bird pictured as my avatar is Riley. He passed away in Sept 2003 after 18.5 years together. There were times when we communicated in ways I've never experienced with any other animal. I still miss him.

I love animals! I could not imagine life without having a pet in my life. People sometimes think I'm a bit extreme when it comes to animals, but I don't care. They give you unconditional love. I have 6 cats right now. They were all bound to end up dead if I didn't rescue them. They all have different personalities and I believe that they somewhat understand you're saying to them. I get very disturbed when I read about people mistreating them. It brings me to tears!

I love to hear you say this. My recently departed dog taught me so much about animals. It was as if he unleashed the truth that I'd always known but was afraid to admit because society had no fr<x>amework for it. Now I talk to all animals of all species and they respond in their very obvious way. It is so clear to me now how human-centric our narrow minded attitudes and opinons are--but most of all how sadly such perceptions cut us off from the amazing things that animals (and plants for that matter in their own way) have to share with us. It is so wonderful to find other humans who understand the wisdom of cross-species communication!