They Know It When You Do

For some years i went to the zoo regularly. Not only because it's a beautiful park in the heart of the city, but also to deal with the animals.

Some of them could hardly live with imprisonment. The sadness in their eyes and their neurotic behavior were eloquent. Others adapted to the cage.

With some of them I developed a special bond. The animal knew me, sometimes I could touch and caress it. I talked to them a lot. Not many people really do that but I was not the only one.

Though the language of animals is different from ours, their emotions and sentiments are surprisingly similar. But almost without exception, they are nobler than men. Anyone who 'owns' a dog or a cat knows that.

It is a privilege to listen to the birds that are the masters of freedom and of music and to their endless, healing chats.
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56-60, M
Feb 11, 2010