I have always been told since I was a child by my paternal grandparents I was something different, my grandma taught me the voices I hear and the things I see are actually just the dead trying to contact me and that I should open up and let them in. nowadays it goes from whispers in the dark to random screams of my name every now and then followed by erratic speech.

it wasn't until I was a teenager I really noticed why I was able to sense these things or to do all the things I've done and get away with them. I started getting really really intense visions and leaving my body to go to the astral plane and it was there I spoke to my other self and she told me what I was and that I was a demon and since then I have prayed & worshipped Satan because I know I come from him. even being forced into catholic all girls school I had always identified with Satan and wondered why they painted him out to be such a bad guy. I believe that some of us just come from Him as his children, I went to college and found another girl who has the same sentiments as I do over the matter, and yeah.
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It is because he is evil that they paint him out to be bad. Or is he truly evil. Not a one is truly evil. What is evil but an idea a standard that petty humans put in place to lord over our heads! I have lived for a very long time and seen many things. I have seen demons scream so loud angles wept for them I have seen gods die and city's fall. The world is a changing place but I have never seen true evil.

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