Im Lonely And Need To Talk To Somebody

im a 64 year old agoraphobic,handicapped,women------my husband has been cheating on me ,for the past 13 years,i just found out 1 yr ago=====iafter 44 year of marriage,your not looking to split=======i have never known pain like this=======ive been on my own 3 years now and am basicaly a shut in=====not by choice but by fear--i own i car ,but i wont go out alone i cant-----i have 3 kids-but they are all busy raising my 6 granchildren-----they care,they try--------but i get it they are busy------------i really hate my life right now==im a people person and a social butterfly========i get out 2 nights a month to the casino ----i love that-but its not enough==========i would pay ,for the phone calls----to talk to people===i live in canada---------i hate being so needy because im very independent----------anybody out there interested in talking ----please let me know=======sandy=====
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1 Response Feb 12, 2012

Sandy<br />
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As an ex-pro mimic, I'll gladly make ya laff with my menagerie of voices<br />
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Do ya webcam?<br />
<br />
I'll email ya my phone: I think UK's 6 hrs ahead of mid Canada?