Anyone Feeling Overwhelmed? Google, Prayer Requests C&p To Any Groups That Grab You

I use 2/3 daily readings @ to listen to Him at the start of each day

That is the most valuable part of the 2-way conversation that is prayer

Too many folk just blurt out complaints & never even think to find out what God has to say to you each day

Do you enjoy 'friends' who focus only on what they want to say & never listen tp you?

Bible says, "Pray continually"

Even when busy, we can learn to keep the channel of communication open with the Almighty Creator of the Universe

Ask Him to guide you each day

& don't forget, that is mostly thru Man's Maker's Manualk, the Bible

Trust Him

Take Him at His Word

"In the last days, men wil no longer endure sound teaching, but instead gather to themselves teachers who will say only what they want to het"

Are you fooled by flattery?

Bible Proverb: Rather the kind cuts of a friend than the flatteries of an enemy

Jesus is the Friend of sinners

He is the 'friend who sticks closer than a brother'

Best news for any woman?

The only Perfect Man - ever - knmows you better than you know yourself

& loves you anyway

Return His love

God bless

ShyButCreativeSexyGuy ShyButCreativeSexyGuy
46-50, M
Sep 16, 2012