And They Talk Back

My husband bought me a book called "How to talk to your cats", and after reading it realised I'd be doing what it had said for years. I frequently talk to my cats, and they always answer back.

Foggy my oldest is quite vocal when it comes to telling you he's annoyed about something, especially things like moving when he's on your lap or when he wants something such as milk. He'll shout at you and bash at your legs with his paws.  We know his personality quite well, as he's 16 now, we know exactly what he's saying, and at times we are convinced he's swearing at us.

 Each of my cats has it's own tone of voice, and you can tell the annoyed one from the happy one. Beanz will constantly tell you he wants your full attention and if that doesn't work he'll resort to spraying just to get his point across. He sounds like a child constantly repeating " Mum" or "Dad" over and over again. He's got quite a whiny tone to his voice so it can be annoying after a while, which I think is his point. Daisy who is quite flirty will do only short bursts of talking, usually only to my husband as she's quite flirty. Although Millie, is a look at me, look at me, shouter. 

I find it quite easy talking to my cats, in fact we all do it, and although people would think it silly, the bottom line is, we know our cats understand, and not only understand but are intelligent enough to reply, which they often do. I don't find it unnatural to talk to them, and trying to explain to a non cat lover that we know what our cats are saying, leaves them looking at us in total bewilderment, yet they talk to their dogs and think nothing of it.

As I find myself alone through the day, as I am no longer able to work, my cats are my only source of conversation a lot of the time, I'm sure my neighbours are wondering who they can hear me talking to. 

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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Of course they talk back. Ginger, our rather large orange tabby, lets us know when it's nearing his dinner time, or when he wants to go out. This one time when he was sick, the vet was surprised that we caught it so early. It was because he had told us he wasn't feeling well.

I talk very soppily to Lillie, our family cat, I call her sweetheart, darling, gorgeous, beautiful and tell her I love her. She meows a lot at me and rubs herself against me.