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My Big, Fat, Smart Kitty!!

my cat Tiger is the most smartest cat ever, he talks to me kitty talk he says" yes, no, why? he hides my keys so I don't leave. he opens my cup bored's out of curiosity, he watches T.V but is not a big fan of it, he makes little kitty prints with water on my kitchen floor by putting his little paws in it  and hopping around the kitchen. and I wipe it up and he does it again, he flicks his food on the floor with his little paws to. I know he sounds like a little brat but I love my kitty cat,  he also has a big fit if he does not get a snack. he sleeps on his back with his little head on my shoulders, he plays fetch.  he is an awesome ,fat, active,smart, tabby, cat and I love my sweet kitty. he is my little baby :)
spartanqueen26 spartanqueen26 26-30, F 4 Responses Jan 24, 2012

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I really like your story this is how i love my all my kittys, i have a little kitty I call tiger who sometimes is a little brat too sometimes she jumps up and wants to play while i am on the computer if i don't pay enough attention to her she will jump up and turn off my computer. She also gets into a bunch of mischief, but i just love her soo much.

ahww he sounds so adorable. I have a tabby also. Mines sleeps on his back also and picks his food up with his paw. But I think your cat is way smarter lol. Mines doesn't hide my keys. tehe.

I love a kitty too,can't go through life with a furry little kitty,.Thank you for sharing.

your welcome hun!! :)

Tiger sounds awesome! He's such a lucky kitty

thank you :) yea he is, he is a piece of work too!! lol he hid my phone and glasses today it took me a min to find them then he yawns when I yell at him for it. lol I still love him :D