Wishing For A Chatty Cat

All the cats I've had, I've been able to have "conversations" with - except my latest one. With my previous cats, whenever I said something to them, I'd get an answering meow or other vocalization. But with Sally, I barely get acknowledged! Well, its better now because at least she *looks* like she's paying attention to me. When I first got her, she wouldn't look at me at all or she would glance briefly in my direction and then resume whatever she was doing. I'm sure its only a matter of time before she too will discuss important subjects with me like what's out the window and how lovely and soft her fur is. Until then, I have to be content with her looking at me as if contemplating my sanity.
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3 Responses Feb 19, 2012

Sam is the same, he has been a talker since day one and now more verbal then ever. I love it. Although if I am playing with him in our bedroom then decided to leave and go to living room, he stand in the bedroom door way, crying over and over untill I come back or come get him.. I like to imagin he is saying mom.. mom.. mom LOL

Aww, with a kind and patient owner like you encouraging her, I'm sure she'll find her voice eventually :)... I've often wondered why some cats are 'talkers' and others aren't. I used to think that it was because their owners had talked to them from when they were tiny kittens, so by the time they were adults they'd got into the habit of responding. Now though, I'm not sure the answer's as straightforward as that.

The two cats I've had before Sally were completely different. I did talk to Ashley since she was a kitten but I didn't even get HunnyBunny until she was 3 and it took at least a year for her to stop hiding under the sofa. So, I'm not sure either what makes them talkers. :)

I have many cats also and when I say something to them...they mind and understand what I am talking about...I have "Smokey" that understands but has always been my problem child LOL. He always likes to stay in trouble even when he was little.He is a silver Siamese. I have to chase him around the house a time or too..LOL He is TROUBLE...but I love him... :)