Like They Are My Children Or My Peers.

I have 2 cats. One is elderly and the other is still quite young. Both I feel are very intelligent and I know they only get smarter as I talk to them. Unlike the dog, I feel they truly understand what I'm saying when I tell them about my day or ask them how they feel about certain things. They both have very distinct "human" interests and I like to discuss those subjects most with them. My elder cat enjoys watching cartoons with me and listening to a variety of music with metal being her favorite. The younger has little interest in music but enjoys sports or nature programs. Both seem to enjoy when I read books to them (by such authors as Henry Miller, Martin Amis, Mark Helprin and more) but not if those books are about cats. Being as they are cats, they do whatever they please. The elderly cat is very much set in her ways and it is best just to work around her or a fight is likely to ensue. She sulks terribly and holds grudges as well. The younger of the cats can be reasoned with to some extent. At times the best approach is to sit down and explain to him why his behavior is unacceptable. I think my husband thinks I'm a little nuts because I talk to them like they're people but I think it helps them grow.
Kolibri11356 Kolibri11356
22-25, F
Jun 13, 2012