Miss July (wild Child)

I would like to tell you about Miss. July aka, Wild Child.She is a 5 month old Siemease kitten that was given to my wife at the end of june.So for some strange reason she called her July.So the just of it is that she was without a home and very cute,already having 2 full grown cats not real sure how that was going to go.We took her in and showed her to the older cats (garfield &chateau) They were not to happy with that idea at all,,so thinking that if we give them a few days to get to know what was going on they would get use to her.
 Being a kitten that wants to play all the time does cause some trouble for the older 2,they want to sleep most of the time and she wants to play while up.Plus she has bonded with me and is always under my feet no matter what or where I am.The funny thing is that I have to leave the apt. for any thing she will sit by the door and cry for a while.She has been trying to take over things and my time,like now garfield is normally laying on my desk while I am on here not any more it is now wild child laying here.
After she wakes up she will go into the bathroom and play with her toys in the tub,she has all kind of toys to play with but her most command place to play is in the tub with one of her balls.She is just a ball of joy that is trying to fit in  well one day she will be part of the group.First and for most she will have to get use to the fact that garfield is my buddy boy and he runs the show here.that is alittle about my family.
Keith46 Keith46
46-50, M
Dec 7, 2012