I Have Five And Allways Talk To Them!!!

I started with one then I seen this littel cat in the pet shop in a littel 10gal, tank I just had to have him cant let him stay there then a horder gave me one she still is ferell from the drama of liveing in a one bedroom apt,with 20 ather cats.then my sister told of five kitten that are 2weeks old and thy still needet the botle, so I lost one two I found a home for the ather two are now my boys I geuss I am crazy I allwas talk to then I say please to them and now look I told you ones and wont tell you agen.When the oldest just crays all the time I ask herr what she wants and I say show me and she will walk to what she wants if she cant retch it and I will give it if it is wrong she will look away and if its wright then she will look on the floor to let me now to put it down. I talk to them thy are my best frends.
vivi1962 vivi1962
46-50, F
Jan 20, 2013