All the Time!

My mother finds this weird... She will hear me having long conversations and think that I'm talking with my sister. Only to find out I was chatting with my cat, Bubbles. XD

I often have long conversations with Bubbles... or arguments. Yes, I know she can't talk back... in words, anyways. But she just respond to me with her kitty expressions! I will yell at her to stop doing something bad, like when she gets in the mood to knock down things on purpose, and she will give me the most nasty look. And I will growl, "Well, I hate you too!" And she roll her eyes and strut off, nose in the air. And I'll yell after her, "And don't come looking for pets later, then!" =p

And last night, we had a fight. She kept scratching into my door, making claw marks into it. I yelled for her to stop, she did for a second, and then rolled her eyes at me... As if she was saying, "I don't have to listen to you!" and continued to tear up my door. So, I threw a boot at her and it smacked her in the head! She ran away, hiding downstairs, and stayed away from me for the rest of the night.

This morning, we made up through. She came to me, with a sheepish look of, "I'm sorry." I have her a huge hug and let her into the room with me. :-)

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Feb 9, 2009