Cat Whisperer?

I've had a cat around since I was about 5. My first cat was named Molly, a rescue from a shelter. She was funny as hell, I'd go running thru the house, dragging a piece of yarn after me, and she'd chase me at full speed and try to round a corner on the slick floor and go --wham-- into the opposite wall. Over and over.

The cat I have right now is named Kit (full name is Kit the Kat). I've had him since he was about 2 months old, though I was the human present when he was born. He loves me. He used to sleep with me, would sleep on the pillow next to me, but have a paw on my head, like he wanted to make sure I was there. So cute. I learned his "language" fairly quick. He would meow certain ways for certain needs, like other cats do. I got good enough that I'd be able to look at him, do his "food" meow and he'd perk up, jump off my lap and run to his food bowl.

Sometimes when I'd get sick, he'd sleep on my lap, and occasionally, he'd stand with his front paws on my chest and put his nose on my forhead, and lick my cheeks. Like he was checking up on how I was feeling.

He was so used to it being just me and him, however, that when my fiance asked me to move in with him, Kit didn't react well to the move at all. He was downright MEAN to my fiance. I hadn't ever heard him hiss or growl before we moved, let alone go after someone for no reason.. and not in fun at all. I love my kitty way lots... but that wasn't good.

And I hated the idea of keeping him cooped up in one room because he'd started marking and ripping stuff up... so we ended up giving him to one of the neighbors. He's much happier, back to his old self, and I get to visit him whenever I want!


kalika kalika
26-30, F
Feb 19, 2009