I had a cat for 11 yrs. I had to let him go Christmas Eve this yr. My heart is torn! He listened to me and put his arms around my neck when I was sad. He sat next to me at the computer with his head on my lap for hours as I would tell him what my emails said. I am grieving him more than any human I have lost and I am not ashamed to say that. I have 2 other cats and 2 dogs and none of them have the personality my boy had.

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I can truly understand your loss and know the feeling.Awhile ago I lost a beloved pet when she was crushed by a garage door.She's buried in the back yard with a little cat angel marker and a flower planted nearby in the summertime.I've rarely felt such loss when a human died.

I know and feel your pain it is hard when you lose a close family member my cat Salem is a lot like yours he deserately wants to be a human I'm glad he's not though I'm sorry

AWWW sorry for your loss, :(<br />
i Love My cat , and talk to her everyday too,<br />
She also is a "xmas angel' sent by the '<br />
Almighty', "hugs'

thank you. it feels like this grief will never end. i look at his picture and cry. it's only been 2 wks and i know he will always be my christmas angel, still i was not prepared to lose him this early. 11 yrs was not enough time with him.

I feel your pain! I lost my Siamese cat on October 10th after he had his teeth cleaned. He had a reaction to the anesthesia reversal drug. I have been devastated as he was one of a kind. Like your cat, he would put his front arms around my face and neck and stare at me and purr. He followed me everyway and slept at my head every night. It's like losing a child. I have 2 more cats and a dog. The new cat is a siamese also and he is very sweet but still in the overly playful kitten stage. I will always miss Mowgli! I'm sorry for your loss! MJ.