Tokenzales is my daemon and I have known him for about 6 years now. He started out as a small domestic house cat then started changing into many different froms including lion, ferret, snow leopard, African wild dog, seal, Australian shepherd, red panda, and many others before becoming stable as an Arctic Fox. He has hazel eyes with a hint of red in them. He also has a fading scar on the underside of his stomach as well as a few marks on his ears and left paw. The scars symbolize hard times in my life which I will not go into because they happened so long ago and they are finally starting to fade/almost gone. He is usually fairly silent but often says sarcastic remarks about the people around me or the current cituation in order to make me feel better; I'm usually very serious about everything. I project him very often now and have a lot of conversations with him daily.
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Me too. Except Echo's very talkative.